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Our professional audit team reviews and reports on the arrangements in place to ensure the effective, efficient and economic delivery of services and objectives through good control, risk and governance processes.

We work collaboratively with our clients to provide an independent and objective assurance function for the senior management of an organisation and add value to their business.

Our audit team offer financial governance and fraud prevention advice to businesses to ensure statutory obligations are met.

Here at Barnsley Financial Services our internal audit team examine a wide range of operational activities including:

  • Systems and processes auditing
  • Information audit
  • Performance auditing
  • Governance audit

The internal audit team at Barnsley Financial Services has a wide portfolio of experience across most areas of the public, charitable and voluntary sectors. As well as considerable general audit experience, we also have within the team specialist contracts, procurement and commissioning experience, IT audit, governance specialists and an anti-fraud and corruption team.

Professional internal audit, fraud and governance team at Barnsley Financial Services

Professional internal audit, fraud and governance team at Barnsley Financial Services

We are committed to delivering high quality audits, carried out by our professional team. We respond to the fluctuating requirements and priorities of your business, ensuring audit regulations and legislations are adhered to at all times. You can rest assured knowing we have everything in hand.

Our audit team continually develop long-term sustainable relationships. Regular communication with clients ensures that project scope is understood and concerns are discussed along the way. We are available as a simple point of contact for controls, risk and governance advice through to delivering detailed pieces of review work. If you would like more information about the services our internal audit team can provide to your business please contact us for an informal chat.

The team complies with the Public Sector Internal Audit Standards and therefore you can be assured of a professional, flexible client-focussed service.