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Barnsley Financial Services offer a comprehensive BACS Bureau service. The team currently process BACS transactions on behalf of local authorities and businesses through their approved BACS Bureau.

The team successfully obtained the BACS Bureau status in 2005 and currently provide this service on-behalf of local authorities and other clients.  Setting the BACS Bureau service up with Barnsley Financial Services is easy. We do all the hard work for you. Our set up costs and fees are agreed upfront, so the price we quote is the price you pay, there are no hidden fees. There is a one-off setup fee and our ongoing charges are based on the number of BACS files we process.

BACS bureau service with Barnsley Financial Services

Enjoy the benefits of automated payments and collections without having to purchase and administer BACS transmission software.

Barnsley Financial Services has a proven track record providing a fully qualified BACS Bureau service. You can trust our experienced team to deliver a cost effective, high quality service, backed up by the results of our BACS Bureau inspection report.

Barnsley Financial Services would process your BACS Auddis, collection and payment files securely on the day of your choosing so you can stay in control of your cash flow and decide when you wish the payments or collections to be made.

Our proactive BACS reporting service will keep you updated at all times with regard to any bounces, cancellations and amendments.


BACS bureau service with Barnsley Financial Services

BACS bureau service with Barnsley Financial Services

Auddis files

Auddis enables organisations to send new direct debit instructions to their customers banks electronically via the BACS service.

Collection files

Collected funds are transferred directly from your customers bank accounts into your business account on the day of collection.

Payment files

Payments are transferred directly from your bank account to specified bank accounts on the day of your collection.


What we offer

  • Secure processing of BACS Auddis, collection and payment files
  • Approval and submission to BACS within the appropriate timescales
  • Process BACS files in advance
  • Ongoing support and advice

Additional services available

  • Downloading of BACS input reports and balancing to original submissions
  • Downloading of BACS rejection, cancellation and amendment reports and provide these in a timely manner

 Benefits of BACS Bureau service

  • Improved cash flow management and forecasting
  • Save costs and increase efficiency
  • Greater security and reliability

BACS bureau service with Barnsley Financial Services

BACS bureau service with Barnsley Financial Services